The Campanille at the University of California
The Campanille at the University of California
Claremont Gate, Berkeley CA
view from the Berkeley CA hills
Monument in the Berkeley CA. hills

About Berkeley
Berkeley is a university town with a population of 100,744 people. There are eleven elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school. The city has numerous theater groups, a symphony, and an opera company.  The University, almost at the physical center of the city, has a student population of approximately 30,000.  The Berkeley Hills are known for having spectacular views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Tilden Park, 2,079 acres of land, runs along the upper edge of Berkeley and into Kensington.  There is a carousel, a lake for swimming, hiking paths, and beautiful nature areas. 

The University of California at Berkeley was founded in 1868. The city spread out from the university as more development occurred.  A major fire in the 1920s destroyed much of the city.  There are some Victorian homes left but most of the area was rebuilt, in the 1920s and 1930s,  after the fire.  The hill areas were developed in the 1940s and 1950s.

Berkeley was a sleepy university town in 1964 when the Free Speech Movement , an outgrowth of student demonstrations at the university, became part of the national dialogue around the Viet Nam war.
The entire city was drawn into the struggle between the students and the University.  Street demonstrations and riots followed.   For many years after, Berkeley retained the reputation of being politically charged.

Today the city is quiet and peaceful.  The University still holds a position of influence but has less impact on the day to day lives of the community.     

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"Berkeley is a city with a small population and a big reputation. In California alone, there are more than 30 cities bigger than Berkeley. In Alameda County alone, Berkeley is ranked fourth in population behind Oakland, Fremont, and Hayward. And yet, we are famous around the globe as a center for academic achievement, scientific exploration, free speech and the arts."
Berkeley is a city comprised of charming neighborhoods: Thousand Oaks, Elmwood, The Gourmet Ghetto, Ocean View, Berkeley Bowl, The Berkeley Hills, Monterey Market, and North Berkeley. Learn what these different neighborhoods have to offer.
Berkeley, CA, population 101,371, is located in California's Alameda county, about 4.7 miles from Oakland and 10.4 miles from San Francisco.
The University of California is the crown jewel of Berkeley. Half the city was built with the university as it's focal point. The university has always influenced the daily city life.
197 homes sold in the fourth quarter in Berkeley - 60 more homes than in the previous quarter.
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