Kathie moved to the Bay Area from Chicago, Illinois when she was five years old. She attended Berkeley schools through Berkeley High and completed her education at UC Berkeley. After a brief and successful career as a high school Art and English teacher in Union City, Kathie became a realtor. She was able to transfer her art training and teaching skills to the world of real estate.

After 36 plus years in real estate, she continues to love the work. She enjoys every aspect of working with the people and issues that make up the rich tapestry of a real estate transaction. Through the years, she has experienced both Seller’s and Buyer’s markets. In each market, she has learned effective strategies for navigating the difficulties of different types of markets. Over the course of her career, Kathie has been lucky to work with wonderful people. Her business is almost 100% referrals from past clients. She is even working with different generations of the same families.

Currently, Kathie lives in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland with her husband Michael Dolan and two Corgis. Her daughter Ashly Dolan is a realtor in Seattle, Washington.