I cannot imagine a better real estate agent than Kathie Berg. When our family made the decision to sell my mother's house, Kathie came in with grace, intelligence, and professionalism and made a difficult process so much easier. She was always available to explain things, to answer questions no matter how dumb or complicated, and to guide us though the emotionally wrenching time of leaving our long time family home. Kathie was thorough and always prepared during every step of the process from the first meeting to the last day. And finally, it was her compassion and understanding that made the whole difficult time much easier. I will always be deeply grateful for the wonderful and professional job that she did for us, and especially the graceful and positive way in which she did it. - John B. 

Purchasing Our First Home

When we think of Kathie Berg the words advisor, confidant and friend come to mind rather than the word Realtor.  We were not quick sale clients and Kathie did not give up on us at times when I think less experienced Realtors would have.  It took us over two years to find the house that fit our specific criteria.  Kathie was patient during this time and gave us the room to feel comfortable with the whole home buying process.  When we needed a break from looking, she let us be.  However, when we had the time and energy to look at a lot of houses and make bids, she was there for us providing comps, expert local advice, and a network of contacts and services.

Kathie helped manage our expectations and also helped us avoid bidding on several houses that, in retrospect, we would have regretted buying.  During the process, we laughed and cried together and ate and drank together.  When it came time to purchase our house, Kathie listened with sincerity to both of our concerns and then helped us come to an agreement on the right price and strategy to win the bid.  We are very happy to have Kathie as our Realtor and friend. - The Bishops